Ellsen is professional in designing customized gantries.

75 Ton Gantry Crane

75 ton gantry crane is used for handling heavy-duty materials, which is similar to 70 ton gantries and 80 ton cranes. High working class of 75 ton crane reflects two features of high load-up condition and high busyness.

Ellsen sets a high value on the maintenance of the crane. In order to lengthen cranes lifetime, Ellsen engineers and technicians attempts a lot. And we finally developed some unique technologies benefited by mutual discussion and kinds of efforts.

Ellsen is professional in designing customized gantries.
Ellsen 75 Ton Double Girder Gantry Crane

Ellsen 75 Ton Double Girder Crane Parameters:

1. Lifting Speed: 4.7m/min
2. Lifting Height: 6~12m
3.Trolley Speed: 38.2m/min
4. Work Duty: A5
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Ellsen 75 Ton Gantry Crane Technical Data

Capacity t 70 75 80 100
Span Length S(m) 18~35 18~35 18~35 18~35
Lifting Height m 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Lifting Speed m/min 4.8 4.7 4.5 3.9
Trolley Speed m/min 30~40 38.2 30~40 33.9
Crane Speed m/min 30~40 38.3 30~40 3.23~32.3
Work Duty A5 A5 A5 A5
Track Type QU80 QU80 QU80 QU100

The Reasons of Leakage in Speed Reducer

1. Unreasonable design of manufacturer.
2. Limited processing technology causing the insufficient contact of the box.
3. Inadequate maintenance of operators.

How to Prevent 75 Ton Crane Speed Reducer from Leakage?

1. 75 ton cranes suppliers should optimize its design and improve the workmanship.
2. Put air-breather in the organ and to keep smooth of internal and external pressures.
3. Inspecting air-vent, oil quantity, box, and other components routinely.

75 tonnage crane in Ellsen is of high-quality and reasonable price.

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