Characteristics of Rail Container Gantry Crane

1. Lower lifting speed and higher crane running speed.According to the demand of container yard, the lifting height of rail type container gantry crane is determined by stacking three over four or stacking four over five. Because the lifting height is not high, the lifting speed is relatively low. However, the length of the container yard is generally long along the running track direction. In order to achieve a certain productivity, the crane runs at a high speed.

2. The running speed of the trolley can be determined according to the span of the bridge and the extension distance of both ends. When the span and cantilever length are small, the running speed and productivity requirements of the trolley can be relatively small. When the span is large and the length of the cantilever is large, the running speed of the trolley can be correspondingly increased to meet the productivity requirements.

3. When the span is more than 40m, due to the different running resistance of the legs on both sides of the gantry, there will be offset during the high-speed operation of the gantry. Therefore, a synchronization device is set to keep the running speed of the running mechanisms on both sides synchronized through the electrical control system.

4. In order to meet the higher requirements, the electric drive control system adopts thyristor DC or AC speed regulating drive control system to achieve better speed control and control performance.

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