Inspection of Crane Lifting Mechanism

The lifting part of crane is the most important part of crane inspection and maintenance, because it directly affects the frequency of a crane accident.

General steps of crane lifting mechanism inspection:

  1. Check the drum surface for wear, surface lubrication, wire rope jumping, drum rust, etc.
  2. Check whether the steel wire rope has defects, damages, broken strands, broken wires, loose strands and other phenomena, and check whether the pressure block of the steel wire rope is loose.
  3. Whether there is any damage on the outside of the hook, whether the bolts are loose, whether the safety buckle is in good condition, and whether the hook head rotates freely.
  4. Check whether the lifting limit switch is fixed, whether the lock nut is tight, and whether the functions and wiring of the limit switch are loose.
  5. Check whether the fixing of the lifting motor is reliable, whether the wiring inside the junction box is firm and whether there is noise when the motor is running.

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