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According to lifting capacity, gantry crane can be divided into small gantry crane and heavy-duty gantry crane. As a professional gantry crane supplier, Ellsen Company is available to provide gantries from 0.5 ton to 200 ton. No matter what types and weights of cranes you want, we promise to provide best cranes solutions to you.

As recognized by many quality systems, Ellsen attaches great importance to cranes and operator’s safety, so we enjoyed high reputation in the same industry for many years. Ellsen Group is dedicated to supplying different types of customized gantry cranes, welcome to contact us if there is any requirement.


Ellsen 1 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale
Small gantry crane can be disassembly into several segments for the convenience of shipping, and it is for sure that every two nodes are connected by high strength bolts for the sake of stable structure. As a leading gantry manufacturer, Ellsen Company are available to design different types of cranes ...
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Ellsen Heavy Duty Gantry Crane for sale
Heavy duty gantry crane refers to the cranes which can bear relatively heavier loading capacity compared with the light gantry. Owing high working class, heavy cranes are not only used for handling containers, but also suitable to lift bulk cargoes. Ellsen Factory can produce two types of heavy-duty cranes, they are ...
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