Preparation before Crane Operation

  1. All aspects of preparations must be done before lifting operation to prevent accidents due to unexpected situations. The contents of operation preparation are: preparation and inspection of lifting appliances, including wire rope, shackle, clamp, basket, etc.; preparation of auxiliary appliances, including skid, crowbar, wire hook, etc.; determination and cleaning of the falling place, which shall be flat and spacious.
  2. The contact signal is the bridge between the driver and the crane operator. Many accidents are caused by information exchange errors. Therefore, both ground command signal and crane warning signal shall be contacted according to the specified standards. In particular, the crane driver can only operate after confirming the command signal, hanging status, operation channel and landing space.
  3. Before binding components or equipment, the appropriate binding point shall be determined according to the shape and center of gravity position; secondly, the angle between the steel wire rope and the horizontal plane during lifting shall be considered for binding heavy objects, and in the case of stress, the angle shall be 45 °. Then when binding the objects with edges and corners, board, tire, sack and other objects shall be padded to avoid damage to the steel wire rope. Next, it is necessary to consider whether it is convenient to remove the lifting object when binding the heavy object, and whether the sling will be pressed or damaged after the heavy object is placed in place; finally, when lifting various spare parts, it is necessary to adopt suitable clamps to ensure stable lifting.

In the process of crane lifting, the area endangered by the impact, swing and fall of the crane is called the dangerous area. In the operation, the operators are often in the dangerous area. Therefore, it is very important to choose the safe location according to the characteristics of the dangerous area under the specific conditions.

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