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Gantry crane is widely used in different working occasions such as indoor and outdoor places, different gantry cranes adapts to different occasions, such as portable or mobile gantry crane suits to be used in the indoor places for its features of light dead weight and easy-operating, while the container rail mounted gantry crane is popular in the port and shipyards.

Nowadays, our products has been exported to more than eighty countries and regions. With advanced production technologies and extensive experiences, Ellsen can meet the clients’ demand and provide best solutions to them.


5 Ton A leg crane for sale
Indoor gantry crane includes heavy-duty cranes and small cranes that used in the indoor environment, small cranes usually refer to the portable cranes which dead weight is light, and easily for move, while the heavy-duty cranes mainly used for lifting weighty goods. Ellsen Group has been engaged in the cranes ...
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A Leg Double Crane
Outdoor gantry crane is often designed and improved with good performance of wind resistance ability. By its features of high-utility, large working range, and versatile functions, outdoor cranes enjoy high reputation in the world. Classified by working occasions, gantry type crane can be divided into indoor crane and outdoor crane ...
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